Welcome to my online art gallery.  I have been an artist for more than 60 years.  This website will be used to display some of my work and creations during that span of time.  Although I will not be able to publish everything I’ve created, I will display some of my most favorite and memorable pieces.

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Ben Morrow Sr., is an artist based in Mebane, North Carolina. His works  (in various media) focus on rural landscapes, family portraits and themed historical places and events.  His work has been displayed in various local galleries and art shows throughout the state.  He has commissioned work on public display across the Triad.  He has worked closely with the late Educator/Professor John Packenham on several projects.  Ben has formal training in fine arts and water coloring.


The Second Annual “Black History: Artists’ Perspectives” Exhibition

Opening Reception, Friday, February 3

Above are a few images taken during the opening reception.




Thank you for visiting my website.  Feel free to contact me with inquiries.  I do welcome requests to show or display my work in public.  A digital catalog of my work is available upon request.